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How about a contest for gaining muscle too? The only reason I ask, is if its you, the day before did you know you met my husband, Constable Wayne Unger with Saanich Police? Small world! Blessings and glad to have met you! Then I saw your intro on Amazon adding air to wine with a blender …Sure, it is a funny solution. But it is a slap in the face for all wine connaisseurs. And this is the big difference between US and European people: Europeans love eating slow.

Why You Should Let Your Baby (or toddler) Get Messy Eating

It is the same mistake, if you put the wine in the microwave rather than waiting until it gets room temperature. This is a no go. I will not buy your book this time. Regards, Adrian, Germany. If not, can someone tell me where I should be posting it? Just about to slam down my protein breakfast scrambled egg w lentils and spinach before heading to the market for my cheat day fresh grapefruit juice. The measurements were a real wake up call!

Nicole Berrie

Pretty easy day today! Crushed a weight loss competition at work. Questions on the Christmas challenge — please confirm, timing of eating changes the slow carb plan of 30g of protein within 30 mins of waking for non-cheat days? Daily cup of coffee ok?

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Other water intake need to be timed? Thanks for sharing your experiment, changed my life in a healthy way. That was an intense workout Tim! My goal is to be sub by NYE. First day workout and eating, check!

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Starting weight, pounds. Starting inches Starting body fat percentage, Ready for my first go around with Intermittent Fasting, check! Piggy backing it with another self experiment of endurance traing on a vegetarian paleo diet yup, no beans …bring it on!!!! Today went well. I had moments where my stomach was really crying out for attention, but the moments were short and temporary.

I believe my mental clarity suffered today, but I felt physically sharp. All of my senses, except for vision, felt heightened. I wonder if suppressing a mode of pleasure such as food, increases the desire from other sources. If so, it would explain my curious side effect of increased sexual appetite today. Only time will tell; for now, one day down and six to go. How is your challenge going, Jade? Whoops, no spell check.

Hi everyone. New mom of five week old twins has to have something that takes little time.

I did very little of the exercise, and it worked great. I love me some Four Hour Chef. Does that sound right? Been up with a sick 11 month old since 6am. Starting to get real hungry. The powder is pretty terrible. Go, parents, go round the world! I pushed up the starting date of the countdown for myself due to travel plans.


I want to extend the experiment, but I also want to incorporate these methods into my running schedule. Half a leaf of lettuce for a legal evening snack and a surprising feeling of being full. Productivity went up, thinking becomes clearer. Not bad for a day without chewing. Day 1 was smooth sailing. Workout was fun, reminded me of crossfit. Pretty much eating like Pacman, no problem with that either.

Day 2, not fun. Just got my 4HB book. This Xmas intensive will, it seems, give a nice energy boost to go deeper into self-experimenting. I can't take these on empty stomach, so I had two snacks in between the small and large meals to have with my tabs. Is this right?

I'm not having the other supplements coz I feel like I'm on enough stuff as it is. I'm a bit confused now. I felt pretty energized but I forced my self to go to bed early to get the day over with. It was nice to be eating again, although fasting was not as bad as I imagined first time I had ever done it.

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My only complaint is that I slept awful last night. All time low on the scale this am! The usual legalese applies: Void where prohibited, minors not eligible, etc. Sidenote… Why might you buy the physical book, even in addition to the Kindle? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Does the app work on the iPhone also? Never mind. Haha… Android version coming soon, Joe! Will keep you all posted… Like Like. Is an iPhone version also coming…?? Happy Holidays!

Hardcover Like Like. Happy holidays all! Tim Like Like.