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Just as this narrative strand is becoming interesting, the camera pulls back to reveal that the diner hold-up is in fact a scene in the film which Bonhoeffer has written and which is shooting under the direction of the highly strung Gavin Gavin Grazer. In the middle of his Bodysnatchers speech, it appears that the actor playing Ray has overheated and died, leaving the film in turmoil.

Irascible movie mogul Harvey Turturro is called to the set to solve the crisis and he orders Bonhoeffer to rewrite the script, but the screenwriter has lost the plot himself and his real life and his fictional world are on a collison course from which he cannot escape. Hopkins generates a Lynchian sense of menace in the diner sequences, enhanced by his own lowkey jazz-inflected score, but the film crew scenes which take over are hysterical and arch, and the early noir mood of the film is never revisited.

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A curio, then - McCarthy makes an appearance, as does Dolly Parton! Screen International is the essential resource for the international film industry.

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No comments. In , he began attending university, first in Berlin and after , in Munich , [2] where in May, he took part in disseminating fliers against the National Socialist German Students' League. He received his doctorate with a dissertation on Karl Bleibtreu [3] in and the following year, began working at the Nationaltheater Weimar and the state theater in Altenburg.

He worked there as a director until , when he was drafted into the Wehrmacht. Through him, they hoped to build a relationship with the Berlin Resistance members involved with Harnack's brother, Arvid, [4] Harro Schulze-Boysen , Hans von Dohnanyi and others.

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Harnack put them in touch with his cousins, Klaus and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. That same year, the Gestapo intercepted communications revealing the existence of the Red Orchestra and leading to numerous arrests. Many of those arrested were later executed, including Harnack's brother on 22 December , and on 16 February his sister-in-law, Mildred Harnack , an American citizen. During this period, Ramdohr was engaged to Falk Harnack, which Arvid mentioned in his farewell letter to his family, written hours before his execution.

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Though Harnack's brother had just been executed, he went to Munich to meet with Sophie and Hans Scholl on 3 February Of the lot, Harnack was the only one acquitted; [4] the others were found guilty and condemned to death, some executed the same day they were tried at the Volksgerichtshof , the civilian "People's Court". On 19 April , Harnack was acquitted because of a lack of evidence and "unique special circumstances".


In August he was removed from service to the Wehrmacht and transferred to a penal battalion , the th Light Afrika Division [2] and sent to Greece. After the war, Harnack returned to his career as a director and dramaturge , first working at the Bavarian state theater in Munich.

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In , he began working at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. Mary Ruth teaches screenwriting and writing for television at Chicago Dramatists, and has critiqued about a gazillion plays and screenplays. Remember me.

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