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My name is Damian and I stutter. But it is OK to stutter. To me, nothing is wrong with it. Damian Cache, Okla. My name is Jabaree.

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My stuttering feels like a basketball. And when I shoot the ball, I drag my words out. Dragging my words and sliding are the best ways I use to not stutter as much. Some kids ask me why I talk like that, and I tell them I stutter.

Jabaree Pamona, Calif. Hi, my name is Derrik.

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I block sometimes. I feel OK about my speech.

I go get help from my speech teacher. I feel blocking is a little OK. Derrik Hanover, Pa. My name is Evan and I am 11 years old. I stutter like all the other kids who write to the Stuttering Foundation. The kids who teased me are now my friends because I forgave them. What I ask for from a friend is for them to treat me the way they want to be treated.

Its actually pushed me forward and allowed me to tell my friends about my stuttering. Thank you Stuttering Foundation for supporting all the kids in America. And, remember, there is no perfect speech. All the perfect speech you could get is confidence and it is all from the heart. Evan, 11 Stevenson Ranch, Calif. My name is Naftali.

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I think that stuttering is not bad at all. Sometimes people tease me. I ignore it because no one is perfect and no one will ever be perfect. Naftali, 8 Far Rockaway, N. My name is Cherrelle. I attend Fairfield Court Elementary. When I am talking, sometimes I start to stutter a little bit. I never stutter when I read something.

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  7. When she closes the book, I start to stutter. If you stutter, it is OK. Just tap your leg and start on your sentence. It will really help. Cherrelle, Richmond, Va. My name is Makayla. People make fun of me. When people make fun of me I get sad because I feel bad for stuttering. I was wondering what should I do if someone makes fun of me? What did the other kids do?

    It's okay to let others know teasing hurts and to ask them to stop. Pi is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th taken from the first 3 digits of the equation, which so happens to be Einstein's birthday. Finding math equations around the house has become common place, equations that are approximately 2 feet in length.

    You will always find Joel carrying his college level technical math book whether he is going shopping with mom, or to an appointment. Joel was playing Beethoven's 5th Symphony at age 9 after only 6 months of taking lessons the piano teacher said "I have never seen anything like this in 15 years" , he has memorized digits of Pi.

    Shawn, who has been stuttering since a young age, has been doing adult puzzles since the age of 5, and completed level 9 on an IQ test the instructor said, "I have never witness anyone get to that level before. He has memorized 51 digits of Pi. I was 5 when I started noticing that I was stuttering. Then when I got older I kept getting madder and madder at my stuttering.

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    Sometimes I still get mad at my mouth. By 6th grade I hope I stop stuttering. I went to summer speech school and that helped me a lot. We read and recorded stories. It was F-U-N! My school speech teacher teaches me to relax my body. I get pluses for the words I am fluent on. I say words with 2- and 3-syllables, and I did it perfectly.

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    Carter Minnesota. I am Edgard. My hobbies are being with my family, playing with my brothers, and playing with my friends. Ever since my speech teacher told me that everyone stutters — even she does now and then — it makes me happy to be who I am. My teacher teaches me how to use easy speech. Sometimes we have homework for easy speech, and it helps me use my strategies.

    Edgard Orlando, Fla.

    How to Draw Wild Animals (how to draw cartoon characters)

    Josette, 10, from Brooklyn, N. In the first book, Sara was chosen for the lead in a school play.

    cars.cleantechnica.com/manual-de-orientacin-para-padres-en.php But she is scared to perform because she might stutter. Sara finally decides she would rather perform than quit the play and she comes up with an idea. She knows that when she speaks in unison chorus with another person, it helps alleviate her stuttering. So she enlists the help of a friend and together they successfully perform in front of the whole school. Josette is a student of Peter Reitzes, M.

    My name is Maddy. I'm 10 years old. I enjoy going to speech class because I want to learn and get better at my stuttering. My friends don't tease me because we all know that no one is perfect, but unfortunately there are people in the world who make fun of other people. You have to remember stuttering is okay and over 3 million people in America stutter, so don't be ashamed. Be proud of who you are. Everyone is perfect in their own way. You can do everything that you want to. Maddy, 10 St. Charles, MO. I have gone through a lot of things like kids picking on me and calling me names.

    The way I deal with it is to not pay attention to them and not listen to them. Desmond Dallas. I am 9 years old. I like to play baseball. I have been going to speech for 6 years. My favorite subjects are science and math. I like school.