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As a child the first poems I remember were sung — voice, melody, words, rhythm and rhyme — all working together. There was not much separation between the rhythm of the words and the rhythms of the musical voice.

And, as a child, when I heard music, I danced. One vibration answering another.

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Movement in dialogue with sound. So, extending poetry into the realms of movement and music — that was simply to follow what was already there, returning to it in a different way. Overview Membership Donor Circles Contemporaries.

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I take notes for my poem immediately after the ritual is completed. My goal with the Resurrect ritual is to focus on Ecopoetics as more than our degraded soil, air, and water, but to also consider and begin including the idea of vibrational absence. And we in turn replace their sounds with our human sounds, our metal, machines, bombs, cars, etc.

When I was born over half a century ago my cells were formed on a more complex, organic vibration than the cells of children being born today.

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  • My goal is to delve even deeper in and into this ritual, writing poems as a study through my body, the results of returning these missing sounds to my cells. Part of the ritual involves sleeping in my car in Walmart parking lots.