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I had trouble opening the game during the spring event so didn't play much. I put out the word for iPad help later in the year and got a great response but those pesky smiles and irises are dear.

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I expect to finish some time next spring! Does anyone know the tells for the Christmas pets?

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Re:Midnight castle Christmas pets. Can you enlighten me as to the whereabouts of said creature? I have also seen a very swell woodpecker in one friends room with no idea how he got it. I have also seen a very swell woodpecker in one friends room with no idea how he got it The monkey is had by getting the Christmas room for shards So, how can someone even KNOW what is that final level, much less have achieved it????????

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That one was a Spring event one Scholars have noted Andersen was attracted to both men and women during his middle years. Andersen biographer Jackie Wullschlager observes, "Andersen's diaries leave no doubt that he was attracted to both sexes; that at times he longed for a physical relationship with a woman and that other times he was involved in physical liaisons with men.

This was partly due to the suppressed homosexuality which set him apart in loneliness and forced him to take refuge in the safer and more conventional image of the talented and hypersensitive poet In in Paris, he made the acquaintance of fellow Dane Harald Scharff, a handsome and highly regarded young ballet dancer with Copenhagen's Royal Theatre. Andersen was returning to Copenhagen via Paris following a visit to Charles Dickens in England, and Scharff was on holiday with his Copenhagen housemate, the actor Lauritz Eckardt. Andersen and Scharff toured Notre Dame together.

It is probable that Andersen fell in love with Scharff at this time. Following the departure of Scharff and Eckardt for Salzburg, Andersen traveled to Switzerland but grew despondent and then depressed. Second Series. First Collection. Andersen's relationship with Scharff continued to develop and early in the two entered a relationship that brought Andersen "joy, some kind of sexual fulfillment and a temporary end to loneliness.

Onlookers regarded the relationship as improper and ridiculous. Andersen tried several times to lure Scharff into another intimate relationship but without success.

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The tale has been described as poignant and lyrical, and as a self-mocking autobiographical revelation in which Andersen expressed his conviction that love is a burning, unreciprocated pain, and that he would end his life partnerless and alone. Andersen referred to "The Snowman" as a simple fairy tale, but the story may be viewed as a metaphor for life. The Snowman remains frozen to the ground, questioning fate, existence, and all that he sees and experiences. In this respect, the Snowman shares a common bond with Hamlet —both grope for what is hidden, for the real behind the surface.

But there the similarities end. Scholars Jackie Wullschlager and Alsion Prince argue that Andersen's tales are expressions of his homosexuality, and Graham Robb author of Strangers: Homosexual Love in the 19th Century calls his work an " Aesop of 19th-century homosexuality". Andersen spent a lifetime seeking validation by women and experienced only the pain of unreciprocated love.

His diaries reveal Andersen resorted to masturbation as a sexual outlet, and one critic notes that "[Andersen] so fabulously struck out with the ladies that it seems he simply expanded his dating pool to men to hedge his bets.

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  • Andersen biographer Alison Prince believes the tale to be a parable representing the different kinds of love. When the Snowman asks the dog why a young man and woman stroll about the wintry garden hand-in-hand, the disillusioned old dog tells him the two are engaged and will soon be moving into "the same kennel together and sharing each other's bones". The Snowman has a different idea of love, being enamored of the stove. Prince considers the image of the poker found within the Snowman's remains "a homoerotic image of such potency that a failure to spot it seems inconceiveable.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Raymond Briggs book, see The Snowman. The Hanfstaengl portrait of Andersen July I was completely surprised, astonished, that the sunlight could make such a beautiful figure of my face.